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Progress Language School has been fully cooperating with the Royal Thai Immigration Department for better than ten years.

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At one point, every ED visa holder will be questioned by an
immigration officer. If you purchased your ED visa from an
unlicensed dealer, there will simply be no one to support you and 
to speak with the officer over the telephone or in person. Don't
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Not just the ED (education visa), but if you have a B visa or an O visa
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O visa so you keep it and become a student. Sound confusing? Don't
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Thai, Russian and English language courses
Progress specializes in three languages that you will frequently
hear when in Thailand. These languages are Thai, Russian and
English, with group and private courses for beginning, intermediate
and advanced learners. Please contact our office for a free lesson
and to schedule your course.
Your time... Your pace... Your choice

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Last update: January 11, 2014
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For some people, price is all that matters. For others, paying a little bit
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cover everyone's needs. If price is all that matters, please give Progress a
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Simply tell us the name of the school or agent and we will beat their unadvertised price.
We are licensed and certified by the Royal Thai Ministry of Education, No:
ชบ 0003/2545